Simple system to manage your medical practice

Curacel Health

A simple system for clinics to manage patient records, manage billing and engage with patients.

Access to patient records from anywhere securely

Transform your paper records into a searchable, updatable digital format and be able to securely access them from anywhere.

Get easy financial reporting

Access a financial dashboard that allows for collection of digital payments, cash flow reporting, and transparency into status of all billings.

Manage patient appointments

Remind your patients of their appointments automatically

Built for clinics, not a hospital

Affordable and easy to use electronic health information management system for clinics in developing countries.

Works without internet

Web and offline application that works when you are offline and synchronizes your data when you have internet.

We are committed to your success

We provide hands on support to help your practice become more efficient and save unnecesary costs.

Success stories from health providers using Curacel-Health



We help users solve these problems

Ineffiecient workflow caused by moving paper files from office to office in the clinc.

Medical errors from misinterpretation of handwritten records.

Multiple entry of the same information at different points in the clinics.

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